Instantly Transform Freelancers into Productive Veterans

With the average media company using over 40 websites to conduct business, it’s becoming harder and harder and taking longer and longer for short term independent contractors to become productive team members.

ME Suite PRO empowers fast on-boarding for new hires by enabling managers to combine websites, documents, business processes and instructional videos and documentation into mini-software suites that can be shared with freelancers, enabling instant productivity from the day they start.

What is ME Suite PRO?

Hyperspeed New Hire Productivity in 3 Steps

Step 1

In ME Suite PRO, take EVERY website your company uses and package them into custom software suites, called Toolkits, for every department.

Step 2

Add process and workflow instructions by creating instructional videos and attaching documentation.

Step 3

Share the custom software suites, called Toolkits, with new hires and watch as instantly become productive, valuable team members.

On Day 1 Freelancers See…

The Tools They Need

Regardless of the department, every freelancer sees exactly what you need them to see, focusing their attention on the job you need them to do.

All in One Place

No more digging through a variety of email attachments or hyperlinks trying to “figure things out.” Documentation and videos explain exactly how tasks need to be done.

Powering Productivity

From Day 1, freelancers instantly have all the websites they need to their job effectively, while fully understanding company workflows and processes.

Less Time Training.
More Time Delivering Results.

ME Suite PRO helps companies streamline their work processes, organize data and boost productivity for freelancers. Each custom suite of tools you create features websites, documents, as well as text and video messages. Create one suite of tools for an assistant, another suite of tools for the production management team, and another for the post production team. Whenever a change is made to a toolkit, everyone on the team is notified ensuring everyone is always using the most up to date tool and following the latest approved business process. Ready to supercharge you and your team’s productivity? Get started now!

The ME Suite Highlights

Desktop App

Sign up for a FREE ME Suite PRO account and start supercharging your productivity! (available on Mac only)

Built for Media Teams

ME Suite PRO’s growing list of integrated tools is tailored specifically for those seeking a simpler, more efficient way to work.

Share the Power of Productivity

Help your friends work smarter by sharing the same tools that help you be productive.

Get Instant Access Now!

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